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Day or Weekend $150 • Week $450

The Cooke Varo-Panchro 20-60mm is the rare & smaller version of the

famous 20-100mm. It has a similar soft Cooke look, but with a bit more 

sharper lines. This lens is newly serviced by Duclos and in great shape. It is

not too big or heavy, so it can be used for handheld work. The Cooke

Guide says its "optical performance comparable to prime lenses".

This lens covers 2k sensors, but will not cover from 20mm to 25mm in 3.2k

or 4k sensors.

To cover bigger sensors or get a longer range add:

Angenieux 1.4x range extender for $25

Speed: f2.8 (T3.1) - 22
Weight: 6.2 lbs
Close focus: 2'4''
Length: 9''
Front diameter: 125mm

Introduced in 1981

Shot with our Cooke and Amira
Shot with our Alexa and Cooke Lens
Our Cooke Varo-Panchro and Classic
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