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Day or Weekend $300/each Week $900

Aputure 600d Pro Gold-mount kit w/ light box 24''x 36'', F10 Fresnel, Barn doors, 3' Lantern ($100)

Aputure 300d w/ barn doors ($50)

Litemat Plus 4 (Gold-mount) with Eggcrate and Honeycomb ($85)

Quasar Rainbow 4 feet, (4) tube kit w/ AC and battery cables + (1) 2' rainbow tube ($60)

Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Color, Bi-Focus 2-Light Kit + Softbox ($40)

Arri Tungsten Light Kit (750w LEKO, 300w, 2x 650w, 1k open face with softbox) ($50)

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